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August 17, 2004, 6:58 pm





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A collection of demos showing all of the secrets completed in Normal mode.

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It is my own demos of serious sam the second encounter. I think guys want download it because of i not died in my demos as the demos of darth hoobit. With my demos guys can wacth all secrets because i don't died. In most of demos os darth Hoobit the guy died and the guys that downloaded the file of darth hoobit can not wacth all secrets.

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  • t-oliveira - 01/22/2005 - 7:51 pm - Rating: 10
       Yes this is demos VERY VERY better then Darth Hobbit!
       Well is all secrets on this demos!
       Rating 12

  • Reviewer - 03/04/2005 - 11:02 am - Rating: 10
       Thats right. Not a single secret missed. Worth a download ;)

  • mynameisneo - 03/13/2005 - 7:39 am - Rating: 1
       I have to say, this guy spends 90% of the demos running away, choosing the wrong weapon, wasting ammo, losing track of enemies, and recovering from his wonky mouse...
       I spent most of the time trying to perform a jedi mind trick on him to turn around and kill an enemy that was right behind him. Also, his mouse goes nutty and he ends up facing directly up or down and sometimes makes him run into things.
       I'd say Darth Hobbit's demos are much better since he plays with a lot of strategizing...and as for this guy saying Darth Hobbit died in his demos, I think that was because the demos were recorded with a different version -- I noticed on a few that he would kill some enemies, but one or two would remain, and he would walk around like they weren't there. Using the "please god" and "please killall" cheats during the demo, he gets a lot farther, but his aim is eventually skewed.

  • Guei - 03/13/2005 - 10:44 am - Rating: 10
       I downloaded the Darth Hobbit's demos and Nenita's demos. I must said the Nenita's demos are better than the Darth Hobbit's demos. Darth Hobbit died in his demos because of he plays Serious Difficulty mode. When a man plays on this mode some maps are very easy but other maps are very need a few lucky.
       Mynameisneo must be a children because he saids only stupid things as..."[...]for this guy saying Darth Hobbit died in his demos I think that was because the demos were recorded with a different version[...]". It is the best stupid thing that i listen in all my life.
       Nenita's name is a spanish name wich meant girl. When a guy said "he", the guy must said "She".
       If Mynameisneo wacth Nenita's demos he can confirm that Nenita not use cheats. All guys that wacth the demos can confirm it. Another stupid thing that Mynameisneo saids..."[...]Using the "please god" and "please killall[...]". When a guy said is because he can not do the same things...the guy must be a great noob.
       Remember guys that those demos must show all secrets.
       Sorry for my english i know that it is too bad...but...sure the guys can understand me. :-)
       Nenita's demos pow@!

  • evilbill-agqx - 03/14/2005 - 8:03 am - Rating: 5
       Actually Guei, that's a known problem - demos recorded using the 1.05 version don't play back properly for people using the 1.07 patch.
       The same thing happens with the First Encounter, demos recorded with 1.00 don't playback properly in 1.05. I'm not sure exactly why it happens, the patches just break something for older demos. *shrugs*

  • rockets - 07/24/2005 - 9:47 am - Rating: 10
       Darth Hobbit played much better than you nenita, cuz his accuracy, strategy, alertness, sharp eyes are much much better than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but he cheated, his demos are not in serious difficulty level!!!, yeah thats true, believe it or not he edited the maps or i dont know what he did but that was not serious difficulty level at all, take a look at Darth Hobbit's weapon's ammo, its the same as in easy or tourist mode!, but his armour and health was like in normal, hard or serious level. and the enemy count is much much lesser than in serious level. this proves that he cheated!, good and fair demos of you, Nenita.

  • Andrilvery - 09/28/2005 - 2:19 am - Rating: 1
       hey! Darth Hobbit didn't even die once in all of the demos so I've got no idea about what you're on about..and you don't even have proper stradegies and such in your demos!
       Darth Hobbit's still the best so there!

  • JETHOLT!! - 10/24/2006 - 11:36 am - Rating: 10
       very good!!

  • djbohn - 01/21/2007 - 2:21 pm - Rating: 5
       darth hobbit is a freak.
       this guy is a tool.

  • demon-storm - 02/08/2009 - 5:15 pm - Rating: 1
       This is horrible Darth hobbit is the best

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