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3D Studio Max 4.x-5.0 -> SKA Exporter v1.5


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February 24, 2004, 12:12 am


Mircea "zaWasp" Rila



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This is the last version of the exporter released by Defensive Games. Contains the updated exporter only.

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3ds max exporter v1.5
Requirements: 3ds max 4+; Character Studio is no longer a MUST.
This version is compiled under Max4.2 SDK and was not tested on previous version, but it should work. Also, it works with Max 5.

What was done in this version:
- the bone orientation is now CORRECT.

- added support for multiple UV maps (useful for working with shaders, i.e. have one UV map for base texture, one for Bump texture etc.).
The exporter also exports the names defined in MAX for each submap (to do this, change the name of the submaps of the material to something
descriptive, like BaseMapping, BumpMapping etc.)

- added support for Skin modifier. You can now use any combination of Bones/Biped and Skin/Physique.
IMPORTANT: If you use the Skin Modifier, MAKE SURE you make all the vertices RIGID. Otherwise the exporter will crash. To do this, select the
Skin modifier, go to Advanced Params and check "Rigid Vertices".

- the plugin now exports the material name used in MAX too (useful for identifying different surfaces in SKAStudio -i.e.: name
the materials used in MAX, and they will be exported. In SKAStudio you will see each surface with its name:Body, Armor, Legs,
Boots etc. - to be able to apply different shaders on them)

- support for Morph Maps

to be able to export the mesh properly, each material/map used for object MUST have a BITMAP map assigned.
You can use any image for that, but it's recommended you use the actual texture of the object, to be able to see how the model
looks textured in MAX.

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