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Night Raiders Beta 2.0


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October 15, 2004, 8:35 pm





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3.6 / 10


Night Raiders is a modification (mod) for the Serious Sam game engine, current plans are that this mod will only work on Serious Sam: The Second Encounter v1.07.

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Full Description:

Night Raiders is set in the near future when street motorcycle gangs rule the night, holding races or just a good old fashion gang war.

Night Raiders features only one multiplayer style game play mode at this time, deathmatch.

The best way to describe the game is 250Km/h on a motorcycle armed with knifes and small arms.

Deathmatch becomes a free-for-all battle royal, everyone has the same weapons, similar bikes and it's only the skill of the player that chooses the winner

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  • t-oliveira - 06/07/2004 - 6:03 pm - Rating: 3
       Not very good...
       1.The mod is darky.
       2.And don't have much fun!!
       You can dowload but you will se of is a stupid mod!

  • samsamsam - 11/18/2004 - 2:46 am - Rating: 5
       Stupid mod? hahaha...
       Have better level for this?

  • Deeza - 11/20/2004 - 7:29 pm - Rating: 7
       I've not downloaded yet so I've put a random rating in.
       But it sounds like something special. I'm downloading it as I speak.
       And T-oliveria, it's meant to be dark, it's night.

  • Xaositect_Crayon - 02/11/2005 - 3:26 am - Rating: 9
       Obviously in early stages but looks like it could kick some ass.
       you need someone to make a wrecked desert highway level.... with maybe some spanish guitar that cuts into metal riffs when danger comes close.

  • ELECTRIC - 02/05/2006 - 12:05 pm - Rating: 1
       all u get is a bike (of course) no other skins also no coop maps and no enemies which would make it fun. can u amagine drive on grand cathredral killing everything on the bike.All u get in deathmatch maps which are rubbish.

  • GeForceNoob - 04/29/2006 - 4:07 pm - Rating: 1
       ugly mod

  • Big Sam!!!!! - 05/01/2007 - 10:45 am - Rating: 1
       BAD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        NOT FUNNY MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        DARK MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        STUPID MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        UGLY MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fl@sh - 06/16/2007 - 10:37 am - Rating: 2
       Is it the bike-riding mod? So where's the bikes? Is that ugly blue stuff made of plasticine is bike??? And what's with rider model? It looks like he is in web. And what's these two stupid maps? Why there's no weapons except basic knife and colt? For what author added 11 megabytes of SKA models if the game doesn't use them? So many questions, as you can see. It could be more, MORE added in 63 Mb.

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