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October 19, 2003, 11:22 pm


CAD Creations



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This is a small utility which will help people to check for the files which are not in the default SS installation, and automatically assemble them into a GRO file.

-Support for multiple maps
-Support for SS:SE and SS:FE
-Support even for Windows ME :)
-Completely redesigned GUI
-Tool to convert v1.50 beta maps back to v1.07
-Many bug fixes

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How many times have you recieved complains about missing files in your SS map? How many times you had to upload one gro for multiple times so that it can work for everyone? Well, there is no need for despair because AutoGRO is here! Made by CADcreation's lead (and only) coder asko, AutoGRO enables you to find non-default files that you use in your map. And that's not all! It can even automatically make the .gro file which contains all the necesarry files! So, DL AutoGRO today and your mapping life will be easier. AutoGRO - because your map needs it.

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