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August 9, 2003, 7:42 pm





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SESA is a program that uses scripts to generate interesting 3D objects that would be otherwise impossible in the editor.

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104 -> 105
-swapped "reset camera" and "execute script" buttons
-added "save" button to output the .raw file - that gives more speed when playing with script files
-added command to load a bitmap and some for reading data out of it
-improved scripting system:
1. eliminated many sources of bugs by optimizing internals
2. the program can now be used during script execution and the script execution can be canceled
3. added Break command to stop execution of a loop
4. added while and until loops
5. added else-clauses for if-clauses
6. Ctrl+A now selects everything

Program Features:
- powerful scripting system for 3D geometry creation
- OpenGL preview for "compiled" architecture
- Sample architecture scripts included
- .RAW file output (architecture can be imported in SEd)

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