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March 15, 2003, 7:54 am





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The Third BETA for The First Encounter.

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This is beta 3 of The First Encounter.

Notable changes:

- Shouldn't had issues with vorbis loading (I hope).
- Writes user data to ~/.serious/serioussam now. This is to make way for
The Second Encounter. To keep your old settings, you should do this:

mkdir ~/.serious/serioussam
mv ~/.serious/* ~/.serious/serioussam
(ignore the error).

Do that before you start the new version, or you'll screw things up. If you don't do it, your old settings will be ignored and you get a fresh default configuration.

- No beta expiration, since I'm not giving this too much time.

The game is STILL not beatable by default. This is a bug. You can "cheat" to
kill the last boss when you are sick of shooting at him, though. Pull down the console and type:

/cht_bKillFinalBoss = 1;

(The '/' and ';' are necessary.) This will kill the boss and trigger the endgame cinematic.

This bug actually breaks the opening cinematic of The Second Encounter, so it's important to fix it, cheat or not. But not for this patch.

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