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March 15, 2003, 7:58 am





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The Second Encounter for linux in BETA stage.

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There's two nasty bugs (one is in the First Encounter, too), but most can be worked around with the "please fly" console command.

You'll need a retail Second Encounter disc to install the game, but you don't need Windows; the installer you download will (hopefully) know what to do with the disc.

Both games should be considered buggy and incomplete at this time. Bugs reports go in the bugtracker, but don't expect a response or fix in a timely matter, if at all. Please don't send bug reports to me directly.

A mailing list for discussion (NOT bug reports!) is available. Send a blank email to to get on the list.

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  • panda84 - 02/16/2008 - 2:14 pm - Rating: 10
       The file hosted in these links seems to be broken or to give problems (bad checksum error). In case of problems refer to:

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