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November 14, 2002, 10:37 pm


Cyber, Metal Maniac, and zZerO



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An awesome Single Player adventure spread throughout 3 huge maps.

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Serious Sam enters a strange looking portal, believing it would bring him further to his goal, neutralizing Mental. But he only finds himself in some sort of dungeon. The portal, which obviously leads away, is blocked by a forcefield. The only way to
deactivate the field is to collect three crystal skulls in three different locations. After entering each location, Serious Sam must find it's crystal skull, find a way back and place it in the central hub on the appropriate pedestal.

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  • toastar - 07/31/2003 - 5:15 am - Rating: 8
       Another good map for SS:TSE, and it certainly is long. Locales are intuative and well done, as are the secrets and setup.

  • DiEgo - 08/04/2003 - 9:28 pm - Rating: 7
       With a long multi-map pack, you have to be certain of the consistancy of the levels. It starts off decent enough with a gothic setting, and the follow up map is great... you have a goal that is set up, and you spend the map achieving it. The next map is a real workout for your computer... if you don't have a powerhouse (and even if you do) it will chug along slowly. So far, the maps are good. The next map, however, is waaay to large and full of flat area. Everything is brown, and the enemies pile up while you stand there and chip away at them. Some cool things happen, but this map overall is too slow.

  • AverageJoe - 08/05/2003 - 12:54 pm - Rating: 8
       Long gameplay and good story = awsome maps.
       Very nice job guys, I can see alot of care and time went into making this. The map jumping and going back to a central map was a superb idea.
       On my RADEON 9700 PRO it was running a bit slow in some areas, but that dosn't mean it's not worth playing at all.

  • disconnector - 08/08/2003 - 2:52 pm - Rating: 8
       totally worth downloading. it's big and sometimes it was a little slow with the framerate but it's a great map

  • Kak Home - 08/19/2003 - 3:41 pm - Rating: 9

  • Shadow - 09/09/2003 - 7:01 am - Rating: 10
       The map may be old, but is still a very interesting experience. I haven´t even discovered all secrets yet...

  • Smearypuss Slam - 10/29/2003 - 5:58 am - Rating: 7
       <CAUTION!: POTENTIAL SPOILER COMING UP IN NEXT SENTENCE, IF NOT PLAYED THRU YET> Re: END BATTLE... Sam deserves a better chance than to be stuck in a (relatively speaking) small cave with the biggest MoFo around. There seems to be only one obvious way to defeat the Red Bastard and it involves sh*t-assed luck -- how many cannonballs can you get off before he stomps you twice/thrice (thus you're dead). Pillars? No, he merely spanks them to rubble and crushes me immediately thereafter. Run around with your fancy new speed powerup and blast away at him for the few moments that you can run? Uhh, no, he's, like, way faster than that. Hope to blow stalagtites from the ceiling and pierce his cranium or block his progress?... Nope, nothing breaks off up there. Anyhow, I refuse to continue to do this luck technique repeatedly until I eventually blow his crimson teabag to bits; life is too short for that many quickloads. Don't get me totally wrong here -- the prior, spastic, technicolor werebull blast was challenging and really fun in the same cave (unlike in most of the areas of the 2nd + 3rd maps in which many huge battles could be easily avoided thru a simple rocket jump [or less] to safety and then 'bang bang' with the twin pistols for fun until nausea set in); the big fella did not need to be there. *Sigh* I could retreat out of almost every one and backpedal to safety. Don't *ask* me to mix it up with Mental's evil toadies, *make* me mix it up. Cuz I'll back off forever, saving health and the more favorable ammo for potential firefights, if actually given a choice... Alot of good mapping work done, slightly spoiled by the aforementioned irritations.
       Thanks to broadband, tho, you may as well spend a few minutes D/Ling this to try it out. Dial-up users look elsewhere.

  • Diatonica - 01/06/2004 - 5:49 am - Rating: 10
       PORTALS was a first rate experance. I enjoyed it more then the original game. Thanx to the designers for coming up with such a cool episode!

  • Fiendan - 01/03/2004 - 1:43 am - Rating: 8
       This is a very good episode. The design and story is cool. And the idea of going back to the first level is brilliant!

  • Omega_Boost - 04/22/2004 - 7:07 pm - Rating: 10
       This is the third map I've played where there is more then one map! And let me tell you, this one certainly takes the cake, 3 massive maps, dozen of secret areas, tons of monster piling on you, this my friends is one awesome map that will not dissapoint!

  • DeathByDuke - 07/20/2004 - 10:43 pm - Rating: 10
       This series of maps is excellent. I have a IRC for sam fans like me, and everyone on there just love Portals. its group favourite!
       Things I like most:
       texture use, excellent and thought out.
       secrets, dead funny and we (the IRC group) still stumble across the odd one on our next marathon.
       level layout, brilliant, cant get lost, yet levels are still large, complex and interesting all the time.
       enemy placement, brilliant. smack loads of enemies, ambushes, surprise appearences etc.
       this tops mesa verde mountain temple as my all time fave. doesnt kill the system with its enemy numbers though which is another plus heh.
       straight 10.

  • dmgak - 11/30/2004 - 6:06 pm - Rating: 10
       it was excellent but one bug was the highlanders bride at the end i could not kill him without god mode which sucked a lot. other then that, EXCELLENT!!!

  • Scorpion777 - 01/29/2005 - 11:24 pm - Rating: 5
       I'm gonna be brutally honest with this map. The dungeon was too short, had too few enemies, and the attack waves lacked any kind of creativity. The canyon was a beautiful level and showed lots of creativity, but again there we just too few enemies up until the last arena. The fortress had tons of enemies and clever attack waves, but there was hardly anything in the map except a dreary canyon, which bored me just as much as the previous maps. The final boss was annoying because she kept closing to melee range before I could get her below half health, so she kept killing me and there was nothin I could do about it. I finally hid next to the portal where she couldnt attack me, and she became pathetically easy. And what the hell is the purpose of the upstairs canyon in the hub map? These maps arn't terrible, but your sure to find better examples elsewhere.

  • Hugna - 03/21/2005 - 4:21 am - Rating: 1
       Resources to run isn't included. It just can't run.....

  • Drewsta - 03/30/2005 - 9:02 pm - Rating: 10
       *.My vote doesnt count.*
       Sorry for posting this here but heres the deal. I have downloaded and unziped "portals" into my SS2 root directory. Now when I start the game it doesnt show up any where. The only way it does show up is if i put it into my Levels folder. Then when i finally get a chance to play it the following error occurs:
       Cannot start game:
       Unable to load world because texture, "MM terrain maps/portals_outside_top.tex" cant be found.
       If any one knows what I should do or where i can fine the texture please help me out.

  • Jiggy - 05/02/2005 - 4:17 am - Rating: 9
       It's good! I loved the ending. But I got stuck in the 2nd map!!! So I had to use the please ghost to enter. No more enemies were appering and the brige was not coming up. But cool.

  • goro3d - 05/30/2005 - 1:03 pm - Rating: 10
       Excellent, excellent, excellent!
       I lkoved all 3 maps my friend and I play it for 2 hours straight we had a blast great work! The Textures the whole 9 yards was awesome great job I hope to see more!!!

  • Abybys - 06/15/2005 - 5:16 pm - Rating: 7
       Great map and it took me long time to finish, but I like it very much :D

  • Warmonger - 07/07/2005 - 4:46 pm - Rating: 9
       Veeeery long mappack. But all maps are totally different. Final battle sucks completely, it's both extreme hard and boring.
       Dungeon is dark, pyshadelic and really hard. Canyon is breathtaking, playable and vary satisfying. But Fortress is simply too easy, to borig and for too long I've been walking just to reach next senseless battle.
       But the whole is relly impressive. Good job.

  • jeremy - 08/30/2005 - 2:46 pm - Rating: 7
       dr westa ya already have the gro in your ss map?
       this map rulezz!!! only i can find fast all the secrets.

  • F1NLAND-Warrior - 09/04/2005 - 9:47 am - Rating: 8
       Great fun to play over LAN. The first two maps were exellent, they didn't slow down at all, third was great too, but there was too much walking in the large area. Otherwise it was fun to play, the secrets were fun, and the idea of central map between levels was awesome. Also, i didn't notice any bugs. (wait...there was one, if you jump instead of walk to the silver jumping pad in the second level, you will die instanly or fell down to the canyon) Anyway, great maps, they deserve 8 for supporting Co-Op and having neat secrets.

  • EKo - 09/20/2005 - 5:52 am - Rating: 10

  • ELECTRIC - 02/05/2006 - 11:55 am - Rating: 3
       When i go through ny teleporter serious sam goes down is this a bug?

  • Martinator - 02/10/2006 - 3:05 pm - Rating: 9
       I think it is ElEctric, otherwise, this map is so good, it looks like croteam made those levels =)

  • twl - 05/13/2006 - 2:25 am - Rating: 8

  • o2k5 - 07/03/2006 - 6:56 am - Rating: 8
       Great level, and i have to ask, does these guys worked in Prey? I found the level very reminicent to that game.

  • Shredder - 08/08/2006 - 4:22 pm - Rating: 10
       huge maps!
       they took a long time to reach the ends.
       when i try to end a map, it takes me right back to the start! then when i try to end again, it just wont let me.

  • JETHOLT!! - 10/08/2006 - 10:59 am - Rating: 10

  • Joan-Michele - 07/10/2007 - 10:48 am - Rating: 9
       I really love this map, it shows a really great sense of creativity both in level design and certain elements of gameplay. This map pack is chock full of new sights that keeps me coming back for more.
       The architecture and design of each level is radically different from each other, yet it does a great job of blending together nicely. I really love how the overall design of this map pack deviates the flow of going from A to B to start at X, finish A, B and C, return to X every time you finish each of A-C. Though, if I must say, the fortress level is pretty weak in design IMO. There's simply too much walking space for the amount of enemies it throws at you.
       The gameplay, though the weakest point of this map, is still pretty formidable. With the exception of the fortress level, you are almost constantly on your toes killing enemies left and right with inadequate weapons. I think it makes for quite an interesting formulae for the gothic and mountain levels which is quite enjoyable. Like I said, the fortress map is the weakest in terms of gameplay. While it does throw a lot of enemies at the player, the sheer distance and size cancels any frantic action effect it might have had, plus there's too much walking distance between battles.
       Overall, a very solid map pack, despite it's slightly off-balance gameplay.

  • Mental4 - 08/24/2007 - 5:19 pm - Rating: 10
       The story is super genial !!!!!!!!

  • Marc the Tower - 04/01/2008 - 1:57 pm - Rating: 8
       This mappack is really cool.I like the style of it.Beside a few 'bugs' it's great.I'll give it a 8 'cause the valley is not so good built and some fights are boring.

  • randyh56 - 02/02/2009 - 4:03 am - Rating: 8
        Problem in finding the activation for the energy fields to open the force fields. Help please

  • - 12/15/2011 - 2:18 pm - Rating: 10

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