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August 9, 2003, 7:32 pm





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Serious Editor Mathematics Toolkit, very useful for mappers using the Serious Editor. You can create Beziers which work following the Q3 principle using this tool, as well as terrain and more!

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608 -> 609
-improved scripting system:
1. eliminated many sources of bugs by optimizing internals
2. the program can now be used during script execution and the script execution can be canceled
3. added Break command to stop execution of a loop
4. added while and until loops
5. added else-clauses for if-clauses
6. Ctrl+A now selects everything

Program Features:
-2D and 3D distance and angle calculation
-optimized interface for working together with SEd
-a memo field
-a powerful parser
-Bezier output & 3D preview
-Terrain output & 3D preview

SEMT stands for Serious Editor Mathematics Toolkit.
Its useful for mappers using the Serious Editor.
With some features missing in SEd, SEMT is an ideal addition to the daily
You can create Beziers which work following the Q3 principal using this tool
(set the base to Q3-like for this feature).
The newest feature, the terrain output, is also good for fast terrain
creation without using (other) third party programs like TerraGen. In the newer version of SEMT, you can find a brand new Terrain and Bezier preview system which now includes a 3D view.
The parser is also a good thing if you are bothered of using the Windows
You can type complex formulas like "((8+7+6)/3)/16" if you know what you
want to type.
A parser variable X is also supported for using it multiple times in a

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  • DiEgo - 08/09/2003 - 8:46 pm - Rating: 10
       A must have for any mapper. I even use it as a replacement for a calculator!

  • Serious Worm - 03/21/2004 - 11:20 am - Rating: 10
       This tool rocks! It's a must have for all mappers!

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