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Nifran's Texture Pack - Full


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June 22, 2002, 7:19 pm


Nifran Tay



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379.31 GB

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10 / 10


Contains over 600 different textures for use in Serious Sam levels, all in one giant package.

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182 textures in the Alien Temple Set.
109 textures in the Brown Metal 1 Set.
55 textures in the Brown Metal 2 Set.
26 textures in the Brown Metal 3 Set.
14 textures in the Decorations Set.
5 textures in the Dirt Set.
46 textures in the Green Line 1 Set.
13 textures in the Light Sources Set.
24 textures in the Grill Masks Set.
5 textures in the Metal Trim Set.
46 textures in the Red Line 1 Set.
66 textures in the Sci-Fi 1 Set.
34 textures in the Sci-Fi 2 Set.

13 sets totaling 625 textures.

1 .vrt file.



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  • disconnector - 10/02/2003 - 7:43 pm - Rating: 10
       I have only one thing to say: DUDE WEAK!!!!!
       it contains so many textures there's always something you can use. If you're going to map, download this!

  • Deepblue - 12/11/2004 - 3:22 pm - Rating: 10
       Now these textures are quality.
       600 may be a little much but who cares?
       If you're looking for textures look no further.
       Hope to see the next set of textures Nifran

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