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Serious Editor: Item-by-Item help/doc v0.41


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June 7, 2002, 3:42 am


Edited by Michael Harris, Authored by many



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Item-by-item help file for Serious Editor.....can be integrated with the editor or used standalone.

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The Serious Editor: Item-by-Item help/doc HTML help file is a work-in-progress that attempts to document and discuss every feature of the Serious Editor for Serious Sam, item by item.

The v0.41 release of the Item-by-Item adds the following:

- integration with the Serious Editor (with Croteam's blessing and assistance), to provide context help (provides both What's This? help and F1 help (when an entity is selected)) for Second Encounter (patched to v1.07) and to provide partial context help (F1, but not What's This?) for First Encounter (patched to v1.05). The editor's original help remains accessible via Help or F1, when no entity is selected.

- additions by Merkaba48 (env reflection), Nathan Langton a.k.a. Pompey (ship material), Kallisti (enemy spawner, enemy marker, trigger), Carl Billen (damager), Nikola Mosettig and Iirion Claus (tactics holder), Leo "LSD" De Bruyn (GRO Files and Distribution and many/major extracts from his A Neophyte's guide to the Serious Editor Interface tutorial at, Armern (modelholder3 setup for SKA Studio models)

- coverage, or at least listing, of Second Encounter and 1.07 patch additions and enhancements (including CSG mode editing, new entities, etc.)
- and general cleanup/improvements (though it remains a work-in-progress)

And, of course, it is printable and searchable.

Installation instructions can be found in the readme file inside the zip file that v0.41 is distributed in.

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