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Contains source files, binaries, and instructions(including the exporter itself) for exporting models from 3D Studio Max 4.2 to the SKA.

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3DSMax exporter for Serious Sam SKA Studio.
Requirements: 3DSMax 4.2. Character Studio(Physique) for Max4.2
It is developed under Max4.2 SDK and not tested on previous versions although it may just work.

Installation: Copy SSMaxExporter.dle to your Max plugin directory.

Export Setup:
1. Setup environment variable, ENGINE_DIR, to point to where you installed Serious Sam game folder, e.g., C:\SeriousSam.
2. In order to export Object/s, it must have a bone assigned and Physique applied.

Export Options:
Under File->Export, you will find there are three export options.
1. SeriousSam Export Files (*.). This option exports everything including mesh, animation and skeletons as a single export.
2. SeriousSam Animation File (*.AA) This option exports only the animation data.
3. SeriousSam Skeleton File (*.AS) This option exports only the skeleton data.
4. SeriousSam Mesh File(*.AM) This option exports only the mesh data.
There are several options on the export dialog box.
1. Start: Beginning of the animation export frames.
2. End: End of the animation export frames.
3. Frame Rate: Frames/Seconds, default to 30
4. Displacement: Displacement offset of the animation frames
5. Global Scale: Object scale value, default to 1/100.
6. Skeleton Nodes: Select the skeleton nodes that you want to export. Useful when you divide the animation to upper and lower body.

Limitation: This version currently do not export morph animation. And you must have a bone assigned and physique applied in order to export, however, it may not necessary to have them applied if you are exporting just static object/s or hard-skin animation by creating a dummy bone and default vertex weight to all vertices. But IĄŻll leave it up someone to take the challenge.

Known Bug: The orientation of the bone is wrong but the animation will look correct.

Development Note: This plugin is based on Cal3D. I modified it so that itĄŻs just good enough to be used on our project. If you think you are up for a challenge to fix the orientation bug, to support morph animation, and etc., please let me know. We can talk about how to improve it for the future version.

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