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This is the ska tools package from Admir that contains full documentation to SKA as well as several missing files in the 1.07 patch. This package contains an example model and the lightwave exporter.

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This archive contains extra files that you will need to create and use SKA models for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter game modifications.

How to use this:

1) Make sure you read first few sections of "SKAInfo.txt", so you know what it's all about.

2) Then copy "Shaders.dll" into the "Bin" directory, so you are able to start SeriousSKAStudio and load models.

3) Copy the exporter plugin and script into your LightWave plugins directory so you will be able to export models from LightWave (see "LwPlugins.htm" for more info).

4) Copy Zorg directory into your SeriousSam directory. Put it under "ModelsEnemies". You should now be able to load the Zorg SKA model in SeriousSKAStudio.

5) Read the SKAGuide to find out how to export and setup your own models.

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  • Jiggy - 05/04/2005 - 1:05 am - Rating: 10
       Nice tool!

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