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Booger's Sound Pack #27


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April 19, 2002, 2:17 am





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More voiceovers from John "booger" Dick, the voice of Sam.

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Contains the following lines:

"The things you see when you haven't got any ammo..."
"No, no, I meant to do that..."
"Yes, actually, I was aiming for the tree."
"Nanna nanna boo-boo, can't catch me!"
"If you leave now, we can just pretend that none of this ever happened."
"Take me to your leader."
" Engine damaged, tank is empty and of course not a single gas station in sight ....reminds me of Route 66."
" 10.000 lightyears away from home but the uglies still there."
" All good things are coming from above.. he he. " " Errrr... what did i say???"
"You were good son very good!, but not good enough"
" Silver....Gold...Platin...bah, the only metal i care of is LEAD."
" The fun is over guys, Serious play begins."
" Those little froggies are looking a bit shizophren, don't they ."
" MARBLE MADNEEESSSSS " ( when he gots the cannon )
" Is this a gun in youre pocket or are you just happy to see me ?"
" Those monsters are such silly, dumb, bad smelling, spastic bastards !!! What should i do else than blowing them up ? "
" A bull is a bull is a bull. " " And another one bites the dust. "
" Serious Sam strikes back !!" " KILLING FRENZY !!! "
" Iv'e got a gift especially for YOU ! BOOMMMM " " SHUUT UUUP ! " " Oops... what a mess!! "
" Knock, knock, knocking on Heavensdoor! " ( spoken with a melody " )
" That was sick even for my taste, but it was a shitload of FUN :) ! "

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