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This is what you've been waiting for: the remake of the Serious Sam Alpha version!

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This remake includes:

-Original Weapons Models with similar 1st person cam positions from The Publisher Build (2000).

-4 Exclusive Scrapped weapons:
*Lava Rocks Gun

-Restored scrapped Enemies:
*Water,Stone,Ice,Air Elementals

-Original Enemies Model from TPB.

-Restored Second Werebull Variant:Winter.

-Restored Third Arachnoid Type:The Monster.

-Restored The Colored Blue Bar Interface with Original Numbers.

-Console Have Background Texture.

-Original 303 Polygon Player Model With Original Sounds.

- 6 Original Levels from TPB:
-WaterPlanet(Terra and River)
-Temple of Hatshepsut
-*NEW* Technology Test (2000)

-Ability to Switch Knife Stand(Swing knife in hand).

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