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This resource package is a required download for some maps. It is also useful to mappers who want to add some new enemy varieties to their maps. Also, download the update.

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To install place the .gro file into the %ProgramFiles%\Steam\steamapps\common\serious sam 3\Content\SeriousSam3 folder.

Download the update as well.

The Resources file contain these originally separate resources:

NEW Enemy Variations Pack For Serious Sam 3 V0.8.9

Credits to (k) and Mischievous for additional help. Credits to viper45 for the Serious Bomb model used by the Super Kamikaze. Some concepts are by Batandy, NHunter and Devostator.

Description: My old project from SSHD is back! In this pack, I'll try to add new enemy variations to the game, so mappers can use them, and make their maps to have more variations of enemies. The pack includes the AddonTestLevel.wld map for mappers to test the new enemies.

It adds the following enemies:

- Gnaar Male (uses the Gnaar behavior)
- Gnaar Albino (uses the Gnaar behavior)
- Beheaded Firecracker
- Beheaded Bomber
- Beheaded Kamikaze Super (uses the Kamikaze behavior)
- Beheaded Veteran
- Harpy Bloodwing
- Soldier with Laser
- Soldier with Rocket Launcher
- Soldier with Sniper
- Biomechanoid Artillery (Green Major)
- Biomechanoid Sweeper (Red Minor)
- Biomechanoid Minelayer (Green Minor)
- Biomechanoid Seeker (Blue Major)
- Biomechanoid Commando (Black Minor)
- Biomechanoid Striker (Black Major)
- Biomechanoid Eradicator (Purple Major)
- Biomechanoid Desolator (Purple Minor)
- Biomechanoid Volcano (Orange Major)
- Biomechanoid Firestarter (Orange Minor)
- Arachnoid Terminator
- Arachnoid Matriarch
- Arachnoid Patriarch
- Arachnoid Scorcher
- Arachnoid Wizard (uses Arachnoid General behavior)
- Arachnoid Grenadier
- Arachnoid Kamikaze
- Arachnoid Seeker
- Khnum Knight (Hell Knight remake from Doom; uses the Khnum_Baron behavior)
- Khnum Baron (Baron of Hell remake from Doom)
- AI Drone Mine
- AI Drone Floater
- AI Drone Bomber
- AI Drone Kamikaze
- AI Drone Submarine
- AI Drone U-boat
- Technopolip Black Hawk
- Electric Spider
- Kamikaze Small Spider (uses Kamikaze behavior)

Also adds the following Friendly Scorpions (after all, I'm the man who befriended the Arachnoids):

- Friendly Arachnoid Hatchling
- Friendly Arachnoid Grenadier
- Friendly Arachnoid Kamikaze
- Friendly Arachnoid Seeker
- Friendly Arachnoid Adult
- Friendly Arachnoid Terminator
- Friendly Arachnoid Destructor
- Friendly Golden DRM Scorpion

Known Bugs: They have no Netricsa messages yet, because I don't know how to do them in SS3, or if it's even possible.

The Arachnoid Terminator have a very strange bug, that is a bug in the game, with one of the models: Its model disappears if viewed from far enough.
There are also a few things that cannot be changed yet, due to missing edit data.

New enemies also can't be melee-d.

NEW Ammo Refill Crates v1.1

Description: What it says on the tin. This resource adds an infinite ammo refill crate for every ammo type. It also adds a +200 Super Health item.

Known Bugs: They have a slight different glow from the original ones, their "insides" glow as well, but not too bad.

Snow Material v0.8

Description: For snow themed levels.

Known Bugs: The bullet holes in the snow are slightly green-ish colored for some reason.

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