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Max Payne Texture Pack
The Official Max Payne Texture Pack converted to Serious Sam - The Second Encounter format.
Remedy Entertainment Ltd. 12-6-03 10 / 10 4709 68.31 MB
Readme files/etc for Nifran's texture pack
Contains readme files for Nifran's texture pack as well as a .vrt file for those not downloading the full package.
Nifran Tay 06-13-02 10 / 10 985 6.38 KB
Nifran's Texture Pack - Full
Contains over 600 different textures for use in Serious Sam levels, all in one giant package.
Nifran Tay 06-22-02 10 / 10 5051 76.9 MB
This animated texture will add a LOT of feeling a rainy enviornment. Blend this texture with whatever you are using as a primary texture to make it look like rain is splashing on it. There arent any screenshots because you have to see this texture moving in order to see anything. It is a very subtle, but powerful effect.
DamianTV 09-19-02 - 1158 27.23 KB
Moving Clouds (with Alpha Transparency)
So you want your clouds to move in your skybox? Then download this and check this thread.
DamianTV 01-26-03 - 2986 272.97 KB
Chain Link Fence
Whats there to say? Its a chain link fence. And, yes, it has an alpha channel. Its photorealistic because the texture was made from a photograph.
DamianTV 08-29-03 - 2031 23.34 KB
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