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2400 Gnaar Fight
Exactly what it sounds like. Think you have the skills to defeat 2400 gnaars with only a few weapons? Now's your chance to find out.
Serial Killa 03-19-02 2 / 10 15317 41.75 KB
Abandoned Empire
Five map long story about an empire that got mysteriously abandoned.
JesterOfDestiny 03-10-16 - 766 105.82 MB
Alpine Mists II: Dust of Ages
An epic trek through canyons, snowy mountains, creepy forests, and many a cave. Over an hour of play!
Chris "toastar" Young AKA RatBoy 09-19-03 9 / 10 23639 15.37 MB
y656u4 12-15-06 6 / 10 1891 2.78 MB
Apocalypse: Part One
Huge CO-OP and Single Player level set in a cityscape. Over 800 enemies, cinematic cut scenes, New models and textures, Not an Egyptian texture in sight!
Pompey 04-7-02 8 / 10 23806 5.29 MB
Battle of Year 2003
An another map from Philer. The map itself isn't so huge.. But there are a lot of Monsters and fun... And you'll meet all bosses again... It's a battle of the year...
Philer 10-30-03 7 / 10 17711 567.86 KB
Beast Hunt Part One
You must go hunt and destroy one big creature which is known to be around woods. So you are sent to a nearby forest. However, don't think everything is as it seems ...
Serious Worm 09-23-03 8 / 10 13255 4.95 MB
City of Troy
Deepblue's first map to be released to Seriously!
Deepblue 07-2-06 8 / 10 5450 10.95 MB
Courts of Gilgamish v.2
In this version, the last battle is much tougher and longer. It is best played in server mode with infinite ammo.
mikecoon 03-21-08 6 / 10 4149 918.14 KB
Sam finds himself trapped in jail and must find his way out of it.
Tomislav Kristo 07-17-02 8 / 10 12808 1.76 MB
Faked Secret
Sam jumps in a teleporter in Teotihuacan and gets into a real nightmare.
Regicider 12-21-02 6 / 10 13277 6.17 MB
Final Fight II
This is Final Fight 2, the follow up to the award winning Final Fight for SS:FE. A medium sized singleplayer map for normal difficulty. NOTE: This map only works on the 1.5 Beta version of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
Theis "GeeBee" Jakobsen 03-16-03 4 / 10 11828 3.55 MB
Gates to Hammurabi
Sam finds himself in an ancient city, and must climb through destroyed temples, Ziggurats, and other areas to make his way to the Temple of Hammurabi.
Chris "toastar" Young AKA RatBoy 04-16-02 8 / 10 15177 4.53 MB
Get Lost!
Sam has been wounded, captured and thrown down into a disorienting labyrinth. Twists and turns abound and danger lurks behind every one of them.
Joben 01-9-04 7 / 10 11081 3.42 MB
In this mission you shall rescue the gnaar leader which has been taken hostage by gnaar terrorists, this level are not very big, also the architecture are not so complicated, but i hope the map is worth playing anyway.
y656u4 05-3-07 5 / 10 2473 2.92 MB
This is very very Cool small Single Player map for the Serious Sam - The Second Encounter. Say too small ?? No way !!! Wait for the continue an you'll see. :)
Wytas 08-12-03 6 / 10 9662 244.98 KB
Sam must go to Jerusalem to take one more relic to beat Mental.
Headless Freak 01-9-08 9 / 10 3344 6.36 MB
Mapper's Dreams
A very cool map pack with very detailed levels and interesting story.
SLAwww 05-23-06 8 / 10 7666 18.74 MB
Mentals Revenge
Two massive maps. About three hours of gameplay time.
Marc the Tower 03-16-08 8 / 10 4380 46.78 MB
Mesa Verde - The Mountain Temple
Sam has to battle his way through a Mayan temple. Lots of enemies and a long play time.
Unwary_Thief 06-6-02 9 / 10 14834 5.32 MB
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