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AKA Colosus
A Colosium arena with a few jump pads and assorted goodies to keep ya occupied.
AKA Shrubber 03-19-02 - 2447 252.2 KB
Alnitak is an excellent fragmatch level designed for 4-5 players.
Peakr 03-19-02 - 2039 277.28 KB
Ambush Arena
A simple, fast paced level filled with secret passageways and one-sided walls. You never know where your opponent may be. Stocked up with secret areas and items as well as plenty of guns and ammo!
Mattomondo 03-19-02 - 2397 1.3 MB
Another Map 2
This is a small deathmatch map called Another map.
Serious Son of Sam 03-19-02 - 1304 579.74 KB
Another Map 3
The next in Serious Son of Sam's mapping creations. Some freaky colours, pillars and outside bits for you to check out.
Serious Son of Sam 03-19-02 - 1473 1.31 MB
Another World
An extreme deathmatch map for between 6-8 players.
copyk1llah 03-19-02 - 1710 70.25 KB
Beach Invasion
A cool beach invasion level.
Serial killa 03-19-02 - 7432 424.67 KB
Black Desert Mountain
Deathmatch level set around an active volcano.
SteelHORN 03-19-02 - 4462 426.6 KB
Black Hills
Black Hills is a small map for two/four players, placed in the dark scary forest
Serious Krzyh 10-30-03 4 / 10 5883 1.46 MB
Campin Large
This is my first map in Serious Sam (and third map ever). I started this map in an editor of Quake 2, Tread 3D. The map was 20% completed when i bought Serious Sam. So I decided to completely remake it. This is the result.
SandroG 03-19-02 - 1189 95.93 KB
Cannon Ball Alley
Cannon Ball Alley is a Serious Sam fragmatch/scorematch map. It is his first map.
Tiberius 03-19-02 - 1136 519.6 KB
Cannon Yard 1
A large open yard with large columns to hide around, and sneak up on people. Ideal for 2-4 players.
Ba-Boom! 03-19-02 - 5298 83.96 KB
Cannon Yard 2
A Deathmatch, Single player, and Cooperative map all rolled into one, but works best as a Deathmatch map. Works great with 2-12 players.
Ba-Boom! 03-19-02 - 1396 1.82 MB
A great-hot Multiplayer Deathmatch map with 5 secret bouncers.
copyk1llah 03-19-02 - 1114 128.37 KB
A conversion of a UT deathmatch map.
Komotoes 03-18-02 - 1159 330.47 KB
Control Spire
This DM is based around a control spire wich is transmitting a signal to outer space. But who controls the control spire ... will it be you ! or can you run the wire of the control spire !!!!!!
FiRe B@ll 03-19-02 - 1130 1.05 MB
JudgeTDC's first level puts you in an indoor arena with a mixture of pools, statues and corridors to dash about in.
JudgeTDC 03-19-02 - 1254 524.39 KB
Dark Cannon DM
Just try sending your enemies into orbit around the map with the grenade launcher and then finish them off with the chain gun while they are still wondering which way they are going.
ArC 03-19-02 - 1125 223.52 KB
DarkTemple DM1
A cool close-combat deathmatch level and copyk1llah's first map. You should have some fun with this one.
copyk1llah 03-19-02 - 1161 104.44 KB
DarkTemple DM2
An alternative version of copyk1llah's cool close-combat deathmatch level. This version has some atmospheric weather conditions and a couple of new places to run about in.
copyk1llah 03-19-02 - 1489 3.81 MB
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