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Wally v1.55b
Wally is a freeware program used to manipulate game texture files and industry-standard image formats for enhanced editing, viewing, and browsing. Now includes Serious Sam TEX file format support.
Neal White III and Ty Matthews 03-18-02 - 62032 1.1 MB
The All-Seeing Eye
A server tracker for many games, including Serious Sam(FE and SE) that includes many features. While it requires registration to unlock a few features, there's no annoying ads and it comes with a buddy tracker, support for tons of games, advanced filtering, automatic updates, ICQ and IRC integration and more...
UDPSoft 04-17-02 1 / 10 21808 11.5 KB
TexConverter v1.00s
Allows you to convert Serious Sam's textures files (TEX) into TGA. Will convert most files, apart from special effects textures. Allows whole directories or multiple selections to be converted.
Pointy 03-19-02 8 / 10 4405 1.84 MB
Terragen v0.9.19
Terragen is a work-in-progress scenery generator. It is capable of photorealistic results for professional landscape visualization, special effects, art and recreation. Used to create terrains for use in the Serious Sam map editor.
Planetside Software 11-30-03 - 4145 2.82 MB
Serious Sam Server Monitor
This script is used to display Serious Sam server information on a webpage. Requires QStat to be installed on the webserver. Check it out!
Mailman 03-20-03 - 1414 254.92 KB
Serious Editor Scripting Addon v105
SESA is a program that uses scripts to generate interesting 3D objects that would be otherwise impossible in the editor.
Shrinker 08-9-03 - 1296 347.88 KB
Serious Editor Mathematics Toolkit v609
Serious Editor Mathematics Toolkit, very useful for mappers using the Serious Editor. You can create Beziers which work following the Q3 principle using this tool, as well as terrain and more!
Shrinker 08-9-03 10 / 10 3506 275.79 KB
OggdropXPd v1.0
The OggdropXPd utility can convert WAV files to OGG format (supports more bitrates then Oggdrop including VBR). Used to create high quality music files for Serious Sam.
Vorbis 08-6-02 - 4516 243.77 KB
MilkShape 3D v1.7.0
MilkShape 3D is a low-polygon modeler, with all the basic operations of a modeling program plus support for low-level editing, primitives, and skeletal animation capabilities. Exports to SKA in Serious Sam.
chUmbaLum sOft 12-6-03 - 17277 5.05 MB
LithUnwrap v1.3
LithUnwrap is a free Windows tool for mapping and editing the UV coordinates of low poly models. Used with MilkShape for texture mapping Serious Sam models.
Brad Bolthouse 03-18-02 1 / 10 76065 686.43 KB
Example Mod Install Maker Script
Easily create your own setup programs for your mod project. Very user friendly and simple for first time users of Inno Setup Compiler.
Louva-Deus 07-29-03 - 2673 1.41 KB
DirectX 8.1 Headers & Libraries
Quick-install package for the DirectX 8.1 headers & libraries required to compile the Serious Sam SDK.
Louva-Deus 07-29-03 - 4514 3.18 MB
This is a small utility which will help people to check for the files which are not in the default SS installation, and automatically assemble them into a GRO file. -Support for multiple maps -Support for SS:SE and SS:FE -Support even for Windows ME :) -Completely redesigned GUI -Tool to convert v1.50 beta maps back to v1.07 -Many bug fixes
CAD Creations 10-19-03 - 1991 480.57 KB
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