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Serious Tournament Mod
The long-awaited mod that features AI bots in tournament play!
Troy, Fast Leo, Zeo 08-5-15 10 / 10 627 194.74 MB
Final Strike Alpha Release
The first public multiplayer release of Final Strike. Showcases the incredible level design, weapons, players, menus, online play, and more. Keep in mind, this is an alpha, and it does have bugs and does not fully represent the finished, polished, product.
Defensive Games 09-26-02 6 / 10 18097 110.93 MB
Pro-Pain Beta v2.0
Pro-Pain is a multiplayer deathmatch and team deathmatch game that features tactical weapons and transforming robo-mechs. Most popular mod for Second Encounter
Game Club 03-19-02 4 / 10 24425 73.25 MB
BTB Airlines Public Beta v1.03 Final
An excellent vehicular combat mod for SS:TSE featuring ODE physics, a first for the Serious Sam series. Choose your arsenal of cars, planes, and weapons to duke it out in deathmatch or rally mode. More drivers wanted!
CAD Creations 07-6-04 8 / 10 16390 37.01 MB
SS:XBOX v. 1.70
Play Serious Sam (FE and SE in one game) XBOX style, including a new hud, a lives system, combos, a whole new multiplayer mode, a jetpack and some weapon models from the XBOX version. Now with even more maps and reimplemented DM/Scorematch modes.
--Fragman-- 05-24-06 10 / 10 12296 33.26 MB
Dance's World Beta 2.0
Fans of OddWorld rejoice for Dance's World has arrived for The Second Encounter! You get the same frantic high adrenaline action under a new modification specially released for The Gold Edition! Check this out today!
Dances With Kleer 02-27-03 8 / 10 11399 17.97 MB
Night Raiders Beta 2.0
Night Raiders is a modification (mod) for the Serious Sam game engine, current plans are that this mod will only work on Serious Sam: The Second Encounter v1.07.
DaPlaya 10-15-04 4 / 10 14031 16.95 MB
Protection of a Native Land - Chronicles - Episode One
A quality mappack. Check it out!
ZombieZI 12-15-06 8 / 10 6969 14.36 MB
Philer's MOD
Philer has made a cool Modification for Serious Sam The Second Encounter. It's has some new Skins and a new Menu. All the maps in this package are straight from Philer.
Philer 04-21-03 5 / 10 11606 13.96 MB
Terminator mod
The most insane mod after Parse Error. This one has everything speeded up to maximum (enemies and weapons) and some funny visual effects.
SLAwww 07-20-06 7 / 10 9226 9.9 MB
Instagib: SE v1.1
Instagib is a deathmatch mod for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. Like other instagib mods, your weapon gibs your enemies in one shot. This version adds Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes along with four custom CTF maps for your gibbing pleasure.
Mailman 06-7-02 10 / 10 11447 6.85 MB
The Hippy Mod
A psychedelic skin mod, changes enemy and weapon skins
Viper45 03-13-02 8 / 10 12398 4.75 MB
Serious Sam: Sidescroller v0.2
This is version 0.2 of the fast paced action packed MOD. It's like mario, only with 3d graphics, and loads of gore.
Sean 'Armern' Stellingwerff 03-18-04 7 / 10 12093 2.69 MB
Serious Boot Beta 0.4
An fantastic bot mod for the Second Encounter. This version is upgraded to work with SS:TSE 1.07
Zoot 09-11-03 6 / 10 18646 1.26 MB
Bomberman v.0.8
A mod featuring all the classic bomberman stuff like isometric view, various powerups and multiplayer fun.
--Fragman-- 05-4-04 7 / 10 8210 1.12 MB
Serious Arcade 0.1b
Get some Serious Action in classic top-down arcade style that will blow your socks off! Zelda got nothing on this!
--Fragman-- 07-29-03 8 / 10 6773 1.05 MB
Instagib SE v1.0
In this mod, like other instagib mods, you spawn with the sniper rifle as your only weapon (no knife, no pistol!). This weapon will gib your enemies in one shot.
Mailman 03-5-02 7 / 10 6319 996.46 KB
Final Strike Alpha 1.07 Patch
This patch upgrades the Final Strike Alpha to version 1.07 for compatability with latest version(1.07) of The Second Encounter
Defensive Games 02-24-04 9 / 10 5817 812.82 KB
A bot that can run around with you in coop if you're lonely. What are you waiting for?! Download it!
Zoot 12-29-03 7 / 10 18927 703.2 KB
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