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TSE 1.05-1.07 Version Switcher
Easily switch between v1.05 and v1.07! Includes Anti-GameSpy multiplayer fix!
Louva-Deus 10-28-14 - 857 45.19 MB
Serious Runner SE v.6 BETA
Serious Runner is an application that allows you to easily setup and configure a dedicated server for Serious Sam. This release fixes a couple of bugs relative to adding custom coop maps. Also, the layout has been cleaned up.
Aphextwin 06-24-02 - 10074 6.46 MB
SKA Tools
This is the ska tools package from Admir that contains full documentation to SKA as well as several missing files in the 1.07 patch. This package contains an example model and the lightwave exporter.
Admir 04-27-02 10 / 10 5673 5.1 MB
64-Bit Update Patch 1.07
64-Bit Fix for Serious Editor, Serious Modeler, and SKA Studio.
SLAwww 11-26-14 10 / 10 1383 775.69 KB
SKA Tools: Part 2
Contains an updated LightWave importer for the SKA, as well as some examples(weapons).
Admir 05-6-02 10 / 10 3527 715.22 KB
3D Studio Max 4.2 -> SKA Exporter
Contains source files, binaries, and instructions(including the exporter itself) for exporting models from 3D Studio Max 4.2 to the SKA.
Chris Kim 05-6-02 - 12561 185.71 KB
3D Studio Max 4.x-5.0 -> SKA Exporter v1.5
This is the last version of the exporter released by Defensive Games. Contains the updated exporter only.
Mircea "zaWasp" Rila 02-24-04 - 10079 47.49 KB
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