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Dark Forest Skybox
Have you noticed that not one of the backgrounds have any trees? Well, here's one that's very useful for really spooky settings.
DamianTV 08-8-03 - 1818 4.99 MB
Blue Sky 3
A new sky for SS:SE. It has a desert feel to it with a sunny sky.
Ba-Boom! 09-11-03 - 1510 2.96 MB
Earth Orbit (Skybox)
A high detail rotating skybox high above the earth. An excellent setting for Outer Space levels. Category: Prefabs
DamianTV 07-26-02 9 / 10 2202 2.36 MB
Blue Sky
A sky box for SS:SE. Mountains with a partly cloudy sky, sort of like in mid day time. Good quality.
Ba-Boom! 07-18-02 - 1110 1.36 MB
Fragman's Prefabs
A collection of 7 prefabs for use in your maps.
Fragman 01-26-03 9 / 10 1603 82.17 KB
Suspension Bridge
This prefab resembles a modern style suspension bridge. Shrinker has updated the version by checking all the bridges polygons as "detail". Nevertheless, we got over 850 polys on this prefab and some of those polys have more that 50 edges! We even got two with 256!! :)
shrinker 06-14-02 - 1586 25.62 KB
Metal Pipes
This is a set of 16-sided tubes that come in one wld-file. So you won't be able to use the drag-and-drop technique of single-prefab-files. The pipes are properly sectored, you are able to carve space with them as well as place them in empty space. Again, this is no low-poly prefab, so use with care. ;)
shrinker 06-22-02 - 1449 25.61 KB
This is a geometrically advanced watchtower suited for modern and ancient level design. It does not feature it's own jumppads or ramps, so you have to build your own way to get atop. Not much of a problem i would say...
Martin "Dark Spot in the Corner" Gelder 06-11-02 - 1185 16.76 KB
Step Jumper
The Step Jumpers are Manual Jumppads. You surely have recognized that Sam is jumping rather high when he is walking on a slope.
Martin "Dark Spot in the Corner" Gelder 06-11-02 - 1125 16.76 KB
Medieval Bridge
This is a medieval style bridge. It is meant to be used tile-wise, so i would advice you to put several of them in a row to make a larger bridge, or alternatively stretch it via vertex manipulation mode.
Martin "Dark Spot in the Corner" Gelder 06-11-02 - 1058 15.14 KB
Tunnel - 4 to 16 Sides
This is simple corridor that is used to connect a 4 sided corridor to 16 sided tube.
Martin "Dark Spot in the Corner" Gelder 06-11-02 - 910 14.3 KB
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