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'Visibility' Player Textures
Alternative textures for Kleer Kenny and Stainless Steve, the two models in Serious Sam that people tend to pick because they are the hardest to see.
betaalpha 02-14-09 10 / 10 14240 530.97 KB
Adventurous Ash
Be ready for any adventure and head off Adventurous Ash style. Made using Croteams models and a whole lot of adventure.
Adversary 05-30-03 9 / 10 5637 1015.69 KB
Elephant Statue
The Elephant Statue from SS:SE that replaces the Werebull Enemy.
Sinistar 07-10-04 6 / 10 4112 897.67 KB
Description: It is a SKA soccer goal model. It has all regulated proportions. It also has five LOD's. So, for all your soccer needs, this is the goal. Category: Models, SS:SE 1.07
Lancelot du lac 07-29-03 6 / 10 3110 143.33 KB
A new multiplayer model for SS:SE multiplay. It is basically two short grey aliens, one carrying the other, with the top one holding the weapons.
Freddie No Frills 07-23-02 9 / 10 11398 2.55 MB
Gundam GP03S "Stamen"
Fantastic new player model.
Turbine 04-9-02 9 / 10 20496 1.24 MB
One Eye Jack
An add-on multiplayer model for SS:SE. What looks like a man in a robo-type suit, with a mask with only one eye.
Freddie No Frills 07-23-02 9 / 10 7285 2.83 MB
Pulse Rifle
This is a replacement for the Tommygun in Serious Sam TSE. No new sounds or muzzle flashes, just a new model, if your bored of the original one.
John Warner 03-30-03 8 / 10 11062 639.04 KB
Rage Model Pack
A set of models allowing mappers to make some nice detailed architecture in a short time.
SLAwww 03-14-06 8 / 10 3089 1012.49 KB
Ronald McDonald
Its Ronald McDonald, the McDonald's Clown! Pump some lard-tastic meat into your enemies with this model.
Adversary 03-30-03 10 / 10 12856 761.09 KB
Sleepy Sam
Will Sam ever get to sleep? Well he got close this time, but now he's getting serious in his Pyjamas, slippers and hat! (Made using Croteam's models)
Adversary 05-30-03 8 / 10 7317 597.07 KB
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